Vilda Bryggeri or Vilda for short is a small micro brewery located on the west coast of Sweden. Our aim is to produce barrel aged Saisons, Farmhouse and sour beers. Although a majority of our beers will be barrel aged we are going to produce non barrel aged beers as well.

We will try to engage our local community as much as we can and we encourage partnerships and collaborations of any kind. We try to source as much of our ingredients locally as we can.

At the moment we are in the startup phase waiting for our first barrel aged beers to be ready for sale. The first set of barrels are housed at another brewery at the moment as we do not currently have our on location. Finding our own location is a top priority.

If you're interested in our journey to open Vilda please follow us on our blog and social media. We will share our progress, set backs, recipes, methods and everything else that goes into opening and running a small brewery.

- Olof Kasselstrand, founder and brewer

Vilda Bryggeri AB

Vilda Bryggeri AB med s├Ąte i Halmstad. Organisationsnummer 559018-1441

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