Peach Raiders

Sunday, September 12, 2021Vilda

Peach Raiders bottles
We are super excited to announce that from today, our beer Peach Raiders will be available nationwide in Sweden online through Systembolaget. This means you go on to their website and order Peach Raiders and get it delivered to your nearest store for free.

So what is Peach Raiders? This is a beer that was brewed a long time ago, it started as our blonde base beer that we fermented for a week or two in a stainless steel tank. After this primary fermentation, we transferred the beer to oak barrels and added a healthy pitch of our sour beer house culture.

And then we waited..

And waited..

After around nine to ten months we transferred the beer off the oak barrels into a fruiting tank along with peach puree. We then let it referment with the fruit for another 2-3 months. At this stage, it was finally time to package the beer. We choose to package Peach Raiders in green 375 ml Champagne-style bottles. We opted to bottle condition this beer. This is a process where you add a little sugar and yeast at packaging to naturally carbonate the beer in the bottle.

And then we waited another month for the yeast to do its job. Then finally we could taste the finished carbonated beer.

Peach Raiders is not a fruit salad, the peach was not added to overpower the delicate and complex sourness our house culture created. It was added to complement and enhance the already present fruity notes in the sour beer. The peach also plays very well into the color of the beer, you are greeted with a beautiful golden/yellow colored beer when you pour it into a glass.

The artwork for Peach Raiders was created by Pretty Shitty Inc. We think the label really complements the beer. The name, the label artwork, the beer, it all fits together.

We hope you will give it a try and enjoy it as much as we do.


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