THE LIFE AND TIMES OF BEER FESTIVALS: A behind the scenes look

Wednesday, November 20, 2019Vilda

For the average beer festival attendee, one may think its as easy as a brewery grabbing some kegs and showing up to pour some beer. But truth be told there’s quite a lot of work that goes into pouring beer at a festival. 
To start the beer has to be ready, this requires brewing the beer weeks and/or months ahead of time to ensure its good to go by festival time. The week leading up to a festival requires planning and last-minute quality control to ensure our beer is up to standards and that we’re equipped to serve. While sampling beers to ensure proper flavors and carbonation levels sounds like fun, easy work, its an essential part to ensure a festival goes smoothly on our side. There’d be nothing worse than getting to a festival and finding out our beer is over-carbonated and therefore won’t serve properly or that unique flavor/aroma we strived to create has faded out. After deciding what beer we can bring its important for us to decide which ones to bring and what order to tap them. We strive to present a wide selection of beers in order to meet the varying tastes of our customers. 

While our beer is the main attraction, presentation is also key. We’ve built our serving bar to fit our farmhouse style, with rustic metal baskets, lanterns, and signs. Custom tap handles made from old tools help finish off our look. As you can see, some lights and a colorful sign help highlight the beers and our friendly, energetic staff take it the rest of the way. 
While festivals require lots of planning and long days standing on our feet, its one of our favorite things to do. We always have a blast at festivals; meeting new customers, reconnecting with returning customers, hearing their thoughts on our beers and sharing with them what new and exciting things are happening at Vilda. It’s a great way for us to connect with the community and get feedback on our product. We also enjoy the opportunity to connect with the other breweries serving alongside us and hear their stories.
So next time you’re at a festival and see our bar, stop by and say hey, we’d love to meet you. 




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