A long overdue update

Wednesday, April 17, 2019Vilda

This blog feed isn't as active and frequent as it should be. Running a small brewery requires a lot of work so something has to give. We are however more active on Instagram so make sure to follow us there for real-time updates.

We have brewed almost 1400 litres of beer and put all that in used wine barrels.

Recently we attended a local beer festival called Wapnö Öl- & Whiskymässa. We had a ton of fun and met so many fun and engaging customers. We got great feedback on our barrel aged beer. People also seemed to enjoy our 100% Brett fermented beer Edge of Time. For the festival, we brewed a Kveik, which is an old Norwegian type of beer (Kveik is actually the yeast but the style share the same name). We might brew that on a bigger scale as that was really popular. At only 4.9% ABV it's an easy drinker.

This was our first festival so we had to build a bar. We wanted something else than what everyone else has. We went to a scrapyard and picked up a bunch of metal cases which we managed to build a bar out of. It turned out really nice. We made a sign from a piece of old wood found in a nearby river. It gave our bar a really cool look! We like the idea of reusing old stuff and bringing it new life. Looks good, it's unique and it's good for the environment.

Right now we are waiting for our Brett fermented rye Saison, Pray for Rust to carbonate. Once that is complete we will bottle it and start selling it at the local liquor stores. We might order more barrels for more barrel ageing projects. As of now, all barrels are used for sour beer but we want to try ageing some non-sours too.


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