We're finally brewing!

Monday, November 19, 2018Vilda

What a journey! Starting a brewery from scratch has taken way longer than expected but we are very happy to announce that we are brewing on our main gear now. Starting and running a small brewery requires a lot of time, money and sweat. Instead of brewing, we spent time on researching different types of pipe threadings, cooling setups, sorting out pump issues, loads of government paperwork and so on. The to-do list is still growing, you tick off 10 items and add 15 more. Then you stop for a moment and reflect, realizing that a brewery or any company for that matter is built one step at the time. And that's exactly how this was accomplished.

So, what are we up to right now?

First of we need ingredients. We bought base malt locally from Viking Malt just 35 km away from the brewery. We're looking to buy local wheat and oats grown on the fields around us. Hopefully, those bags will arrive soon.

Brewing! We finally fired up the main brewhouse and brewed roughly 900 litres of beer that's happily fermenting right now. 450 litres of that will be barrel aged.

We bought a couple of barrels that we cleaned and prepared for ageing beer in. The beer will age at least six months before we consider it for bottling. The plan is to buy a lot more barrels, not all of them will be used for long-term ageing. One or two will be used for "quick" barrel aged Saisons. Small-scale, experimental brews to have fun with.

If you wish to keep up to date with our adventure in fermentation we highly recommend Instagram which is our main social media channel.


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