Fun with friends

Monday, July 9, 2018Vilda

When we first set out to start this brewery every brewery owner we spoke to said that it would cost twice as much and take five times as long as we thought. Nae, we planned this thoroughly. That's not gonna happen. Well, they were right and we were wrong. The good news though is that we are almost completely set up now. We are only missing a bigger pump than the one we have today. This sounds like a minor thing but it's the pump that we will use to clean our fermenters so it's a crucial part of the operation.

We are however brewing on our pilot system. Last weekend we poured one of those beers and our barrel aged sour beer with our friends at the beach bar Chill Out. We had a good time and got some good feedback from people who came up and tried our beers.

In the next blog post we hope to share some news about our new pump and hopefully some barrel aged fun!


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