Filling the barrels

Saturday, October 8, 2016Vilda

The primary yeast have fermented the beer for a week now and it's finally time to fill the barrels. There are still some sugars left in the beer but that's good as this will provide some food for the yeast and bacteria that will be added to the barrels.

We've previously mentioned that the barrels have held red wine. When we opened them up and filled them with some hot water to rinse them out the whole brewery smelled like port wine! Very pleasant! After pouring out the hot water we gave them a good rinse with cold water. Then it was just a matter of filling them with beer from the fermenter.

The barrels will live on a standard shipping pallet. We had some troubles getting proper barrel racks so for these two barrrels the pallet will have to do.

Once the barrels were filled and moved in to place, we pitched Brettantomyces yeast that we have grown up on stir plates. The barrels got separate pitches with different types of Brettanomyces yeast. Each barrel also got the dregs from a few commercial sour beers to increase the yeast and bacterica flora.

There was some left over beer in the fermenter after the barrels were filled. We will keep this beer in smaller containers and use it to top of the barrels as some beer will be evaporating from the barrels, a process called "angel share".

Now we just have to wait and see what the yeast and bacteria will do with the beer. Can't wait for the first tasting!


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