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Friday, September 30, 2016Vilda

Today we picked up this bag of wheat from a local mill.

Our aim is to use local ingredients in our products. One day we hope we can use 100% locally sourced products. This isn't possible today but we hope to get there. For the first batches we're going to use local wheat in addition to our base malt.

Hops have been grown in Sweden for a very long time but most commercial growers have disappeared. More and more growers are starting up and we plan to buy some of this Swedish hops.

Even yeast can be found locally. Usually a brewery would buy yeast from a yeast lab and so do we. We are however working on catching local yeast from the area around us. Yeast can be found all around us, in the air, on fruits, on flowers etc. It's just a matter of catching them and make sure they can ferment malt sugars and produce beer that tastes good. We will share our progress on this and how we go about finding local yeast.


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